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03.11.2014 , 07:38 PM | #2
I think this game has faster leveling than pretty much any MMO that isn't Post-Cataclysm WoW.

It's about 3-4x as quick as Vanilla WoW. And about 2-3x as much as BC and WotLK WoW.

WoW has just been casualized and made easier to level in, because Blizzard wants more people to experience high level content.

Back when BC was first out, it could take a solid 250+ hours of play to hit level 70. I can hit level 55 in about 60-70 hours doing quests, or about 45-50 doing Kuat Driveyards with XP boosts and legacy XP.

I'm not sure about Wildstar, but isn't that a Korean MMO, which are notorious for huge grinds?