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My 1st post =) I would like to say please do not talk smack and rage quit, if you really like to pvp then it shouldnt bother you at all to get owned..... sux when we have to come in a rage quit game. I promise you if your nice and take your beating, you will be a elite player. I'm posting this because I think there's alot of newcomers to this server and alot negative smack talking along with quitting. Please save your pve server comments,, I dont get mad when i see you in my game trying to hustle our relics lol.... btw it is a game have fun... well hacks ? IDK but ive seen some fishy pvp and this I do know this, some of these so called elite pvp players use whats called a LAG SWITCH EXPLOIT and in most hacking forums i've read to try to understand, to them they call it elite pvp. So obvious and i've lost so much respect for some players that I just relax play my game. heres a example of the most common spot its used at...In Huttball,what appears to be a lag spike that allows the ball carrier to disappear/stealth for around 3 seconds. They then reappear still holding the ball. The player drops targetting and is unable to be targetted during this time, and its at the fire pit b4 goal line..... Lame and its cheating
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