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So what happens if we already have the Makeb Datacrons (like I do)?

When I logged in to the new patch, I did not receive the entries retroactively.

Do we have to get them again for the codex entry (PLEASE GOD NO!), or are we locked out of them? When you've already used a Datacron you can't interact with it anymore, so what does that mean for those of use who already have the Datacrons?
No, BW is aware that those of us who already got the Datacron were granted it retroactively when the patch was released. It is going to be fixed, but they don't know when yet (I'll look for the dev post.)

EDIT: Looks like it's coming in 2.6.2!

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I sure didn't! We are aiming for a resolution to be in 2.6.2!
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