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And I think we tend to forget, that as bad azz as Revan, HK-47, And the emperor
are, your character is also considered one of the baddest ppl in the galaxy. And you have the advantage of a 4 vs 1 fight.
Yeah that's something a lot of people tend to gloss over in these situations. I felt the same until I thought on it. Generally everyone see's it as Revan was taken out by four random noobs in a flashpoint... but, really story wise if you have one of each class, he was taken out by


Badazz that Revan may be, have you seen what we do and who we take out in game?

As for HK-47, we can't have him because.... well how would you feel running around with Hk-47 whilst everyone else does as well? He was unique and as much as I love him, I'd prefer he stayed that way. Just imagine HK-51 as his children.