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Is one of the following scenarios a better choice on average?

1] On each planet one plays all the missions and every thing to do before going to the next planet or

2] On each planet one plays many of the things to do including missions but leaves some things to do for later since there will be someone (an NPC) who is asking one to do something off world that seemingly cannot wait. The player also would go to the next planet and start some things to do before all the things are accomplished at the last planet.

So....which is a better option. There will be the inevitable "Play according to your playstyle and enjoy whichever you choose." It really seems that one of the above two should be a much better choice but it is not easy to determine it. Also the thing that weighs on me heavily is the continuity of the story and considering that then number two seems a better choice to follow one's story better.

What do you all think? (Well maybe not you ALL of you, just several of you.)
IMO this is a case of too much "immersion." IMO your "problem" is that the design of the missions in scenario #2 do not take "extreme immersion" into account. The intent is not for you to drop everything and go to your fleet station for briefing (immersion), but to inform you that you have reached a point in the leveling process that you can do this next flashpoint and that it will be waiting for you whenever you choose to initiate it(meta-game).
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