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Yes, let me elaborate.

I'm selfish when it comes to most warzones. I don't care about healing other people because the UI bugs out half the time and shows inaccurate health and it is almost impossible to click target friendlies because of tiny hit boxes and jumped tags. I heal myself, and I do it a ton. I will dive behind LoS the second I take even a modicum of damge, blow CC and CD's to get away and to heal myself. Pulling 200K healing in this scenario (also using bought healing aids) is nothing special.

Damage, BH's even heal specced BH's are capable of doing some real nasty AOE. Death From Above is an example of this and you would be surprised how much damage you can rack up if you use it on CD - especially since every time someone gets the ball in Huttball there is always going to be a huge red mass of melee mobbing that person. Under these circumstances I can push 200K during a match. Now, that damage isn't always productive - but often it is. If someone is at half or less health, some of my AoE abilities, if they choose to stay in them (most do) can kill you.

What is so hard to understand about this?
Hey, post 10 screenshots of you doing 250k dmg and 200k healing every game. Since it's so consistent, this shouldn't be a problem.
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