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It's not the fact that you have to raid to get the better stuff, that is fine.

The problem is that you can get better than what we can craft, from a few dailies and a little PvP. The daily and PvP items are better than what we can craft Pre-Raid. So we have to raid to craft something that can be had from 30 minutes and buying it from a vendor.
it doesnt matter. in a wow-clone trading system like this, even if what you outlined was not a problem, you would still be limited to selling 1 or 2 items (not even rare gear mind that, but some mid-range necessities like belt buckles in wow) which turned a measly profit, and all rest of the items you could sell would bring so ridiculous profits that it would be much more efficient to just sell the materials. been there, done that. like everyone else.

crafting needs to be taken away from raid context, and made an entire game in itself. because, it actually is an entire game - think ; this is the world of star wars. a huge galaxy with corporations, technology, and trade. that part of star wars, needs to be represented.