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I know slicing can ear you credits, but how do I make money? I take the stuff from archeology/bio and sell it on the GTN?
Pretty much. You gather the materials from nodes/dead enemies on planets (which means zero expenses) and then sell them on GTN -> net profit

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For instance, I have a blue Ship 2 schematic. I could save it for my ship, or sell it?
Since you have no crafting skill (Archaeology, Bioanalysis and Slicing are all gathering skills) any schematics are useless to you - unless you have an alt with a crafting skill, selling is the best you can do with a schematic.
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Last nights group finder was a mess. The short version is that two of the people were really bad but the tank was pretty good. After we called it I asked the tank if he wanted to queue up with me. He said "I'm eleven and I have to go to bed".
The one guy who knew what he was doing was eleven years old.