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lazy? really? when ive got one taunt thats 15 seconds cd, and one aoe taunt thats 45 seconds cd and one skill (backhand) that generates threat that has a 60 second cd at level 34, how exactly do you think i can get them all when we're fighting 8 mobs?

lazy, wow, your post is just plain ignorant.
This is the worst excuse I have ever heard. How many taunts do you have in other MMOs? Not more than one, maybe two, and maybe an aoe taunt. All tanks should be able to hold aggro down with their dps. Each tank has a passive form that increases threat by 50%, armor by 150%, etc. Also, the Assassins and Juggernauts have Guard (not sure about PT), which causes the targeted ally to receive 25% less threat and transfers some of their damage over to you.

If you are using these abilities you might need to practice your dps rotation and see why you can't hold aggro.

If you are grouping with dps who jump the gun and don't let you get aggro first, ask them to let you get a 5-8 second head start.

If you are doing both of the above, reroll to dps or healer.
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