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03.09.2014 , 08:11 AM | #252
Thank you Freek_ish.

Regarding "codex" vs "achievements", I would refer you back a few pages in this same thread to the exchange of info between myself and EnmaAii which took place on 12/31/2013. He (?) has succeeded in a majority of those epic enemies and states he has Codex entry for them.

I went to, and pulled the list of Epic Enemies, and used that to QC my info. I also checked all other entries by category... I found 22 that i were missing. I will revise my tracking sheet and post updated info next month (April).

I don't play much at the 'big' fights so I don't have many of those.
If my numbers are anywhere close to being right, it means there are still ~60 Codex listings which I have no idea/information about, to have a total of 953 unique entries.

In the spreadsheet, if you 'filter' on the completion column for 'x', you'll have all my collected, then you can just delete the 'x', un-filter, and wha-la, you have an empty sheet. Re-enter your collected 'x' as applicable.

Click on every object. Complete every quest. Kill every NPC. Kill every Player. = Codex complete?
Happy Hunting.