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Start in a few markets by seeing what you can make or gather that will make a profit and be worth your time to do,
I do an item test for price and unit price before I put an item up, as the markets change.
Trying to do to many markets at the start may prove overwhelming, start small then expand, you may hold items back for better prices, or go to a new market.
This is for entertainment first, not to pay utility bills, do not make it tedious work.
Even something as boring as sending companions to gather mats and selling them can pay for ops repairs and a positive credit flow over time.
Alts can create and sustain a synergistic crafting legacy with crafting alt's or main's working together to benefit you the player. ie designated crafting alts can let your main toons take biochem for end game content (reusable stims and adrenals)
That is my advice, this is what I do casually and keep it fun.