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The season is not fully complete, it only had 13 episodes out of the usual 20, it is likely Ahsoka would have been part of the later chapters, when the show was cancelled the episodes were probably not that far into production, and left too many open plot ends for it to be approved for release, if we are to see a continuation of Ahsoka's story it will likely be in books, comics or in the new show Rebels

Personally I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get to see Ahsoka's continued involvement in the Clone Wars, it did seem like it was moving towards making her question her loyalties, just like what happened with her friend Barriss, that and I just found the setting of Clone Wars better, more conspiracies, more outright war, more grey area than the Galactic Civil War
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Personally I would slap Georges hands away from the editing desk, give him a colouring book and then remake the entire prequel trilogy so that Darth Vader uses the force to win breakdance competitions and chokes to death anyone who utters the word midichlorians.