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Yea! A fix has been made.

See Patch Notes 2.6.1 2/25/2014.

The 2 datacrons on Makeb are now listed correctly.
and they also say
  • Smugglers will now properly be granted the Codex entry “Smuggler: Butcher’s Bane” and its corresponding title when completing “The Butcher.”
  • Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors who have completed The Sand Demon/Demon’s Blood missions will be properly granted the “Bestiary: Sand Demon” Codex entry. Those currently on the missions have had them reset.
  • Jedi Knights are now granted the “Persons of Note: Darth Angral (Knight)” Codex entry when completing “Race to the Ruins.” Knights who previously completed this mission will be granted it automatically.

The title "The Butcher" is for a lvl 47 class story on Tatooine
The "Sand Demon" is for Tatooine.
The "Darth Angral" is for Coruscant

Happy Hunting.
I can confirm that the 2 datacrons are not working as intended for those who already have them - I went back to re-click them and got nothing. The codex entries didn't unlock for me - I logged a ticket and got the usual unhelpfully canned response from M0-T0 saying that it'll be fixed in a future patch. Guess he didn't read the current patch notes himself.

Tait has commented on them and the dev' team knows what went wrong but has no timetable on when they can get a fix done.
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