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This is a game. Not a place for political statements.

The game was designed for mass audiences.

To imply that there should be same sex relationships or it's somehow discriminatory, would then lead to problems like "Why aren't there any Muslim holy sites I can make my character Pray to", "Why are there no Bibles", "Why can't I marry my droid", "Why can't I do more explicit things with my companions", etc.

If there ever is same sex relationships implemented my accounts will be cancelled.

Not because I have a problem with same sex marriage, relationships, etc. but because My children play this game and I do not need a form of entertainment to become that explicit about sexual relationships they cannot comprehend at their age.

I sincerely hope that everyone can find what they like in the game but I seriously doubt that anyone is playing this game specifically so they can have a relationship between characters be they LBGT or not.
Then you better cancel as they confirmed it'll be added. They wanted to launch with it, but they had some issues with Lucas Arts and they didn't get the go ahead until it was too late to include it at launch without pushing back the release date.

Also I'm pretty sure i remember seeing early screenshots of allowing male characters to flirt with female droids.