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I have looked aorund very much just to get a straight answere but none have given me one, just complicate and things and go off topic in the forums.

I know you can romance her like Light side, but can you as well romence her on the dark side yes or no?.

for like you can romance vette and ashara lik edark sided and they only like Light sided decisins most of the time so is kira like them or is she the only one that is that catagory unknown if you can romance her on dark or no?.
Are you like a valley girl like?

Let's see if I can translate: You are wondering if as a dark side jedi knight character, can you romance Kira. You are concerned because the Imperial companions Vette and Ashara generally prefer LS decisions and so does Kira.

Suffice it to say, in all cases, regardless of LS/DS choices you can romance a companion. It may take a lot of companion gifts to compensate for those companions not liking the decisions you make, but gifts are a cure all.

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