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The point of playing a game is to have fun. What constitutes as fun is different for every person. I have fun in games that offer me various options to acquiring any particular item:

1) "normal" gameplay
2) in game credits through an Auction House, Vendors, and Players (but it should never be just one of those options).
3) a cash shop

I work for a living so I can support my family, keep a roof over my head, and enjoy playing games. I should never feel like I have to work to get anything in a game. The content I play in a game is content that I find fun playing - not because there is some nifty reward at the end. I constantly re-run repeatable content in this game not because of the rewards at the end (which are often useless to me at that point, even on the first run), but because that content gives me pleasure.

Ultimately, gamers need to face the facts. The gaming industry is Big Business. Even the indie scene, for all the innocent youth and high moral ideals just boils down to trying to make money with games. The gaming industry is still relatively young - only about 30-odd years old at this point, so it still has a lot to learn from industries that have been around for much longer - like the retail industry. Thus far, it has shown signs of growing and maturing, and thusly, the even younger MMO genre has as well.

The Age of the Catasser is over. The Era of the Poopsocker has ended. The days of the PKer are past. This is the 21st Century of gaming and the 21st Century of the MMO genre. There will always be a place for the niche - Eve bears that out. We have been witness to a paradigm shift in the business model of the MMO. Those that refuse to accept the change will be left behind to find a new hobby to enjoy. Those that embrace it will help the genre grow and mature further. The Subscription based model is not going away completely. Also with that, people either don't know, or conveniently forget that the Free to Play model has been around just as long (if not longer) than the sub-based model. There are games that launched F2P in the late 90's that are still going strong today.

It is only because of the efforts of companies like Sony, Blizzard, and Origin Systems that the gaming community became convinced that you needed a subscription in order to produce an enjoyable MMO. That has never been the case, and we are now seeing the majority of the gaming community realizing that fact. Credit has to go to ArenaNet with the original Guild Wars for bucking the trend, and opening the eyes of gamers to the thriving Free to Play market. As a community, we are still not there yet - as evidenced by opinions and threads similar to this across all gaming outlets, but as I said, the industry is maturing and we are learning along with it. The hybrid Freemium model is the future of the genre. It offers the best of both worlds when done correctly. Sure, there will be mis-steps along the way, but that is all part of the learning process. Again, gamers have a choice. Either embrace the maturity and the future of the industry and help it grow in the correct direction or allow it to pass them by, continue living in the past, and ultimately go the way of the Dodo.
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