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Yes yes, you caution me against using 'fact' in my post and here you are doing the same thing. You speak for yourself and no one else. Same as me.
I speak, from exp., people's post and what ive seen of these very threads lots of times. Why would i speak for myself, on a matter i care nothing about, you silly man. Ive never done high-end PvP , HM PVE and many other similar activities , so potential rewards would never benefit me.

However that doesn't not change the fact that, MMO gamers in general like to earn stuff by playing the game. They need reason to do that high level content, or any content for that matter. Participating in something and being good in something, should be rewarded with unique exclusive stuff. People dont like P2W. And i agree with that assessment.

MY OPINION HERE:In general adding more rewards for varying activities, even ones i don't participate in, is better, than keeping those behind a pay wall. (Be that a credit, or coin one.) It keeps people playing, the actual game.
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