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lets see, the HK quest chain has to be run at least once to get him, the gree event sphere speeder you got to do the gree event and grind you A** off for (or get lucky with a rare drop from Xenoanalyst), same with the infected mounts of the rakghoul event, also there is that miner speeder from the kdy rep vendor, as well as class companions which you got to do the story for, also there is grinding for nightmare level pve gear and for ranked pvp gear which takes a lot to work for, and probably a few other things I am missing

When Oricon first came out I grinded that place every single day on multiple toons so I could earn enough rep to get the black/red dye module schematic. That was my driving force behind doing those dailies besides collecting basic comms and earning credits, of course.

But the thing is that stuff goes away. You get it and then you're left wanting to play more. Where as there is a constant stream of freely obtainable stuff on the CM monthly. It's drowned out. And not only that, but the stuff you DO earn in game has better and nicer versions available on the CM. If even a tiny handful of the stuff on the CM was put into mission rewards for say beating a world boss or something, that would be awesome.

Also, to the people who are saying that the CM is the game's lifeline. I know, I've addressed that in multiple posts in this thread. But you also need to consider how the CM produces revenue. The CM's main source of income is cartel packs. You don't know what you're going to get from them. So if they took 1 single item from a pack and put into the game as a reward for doing some content, how would you measure the impact that has on revenue? People don't buy CM stuff directly. They buy packs. 1 pack or 30 packs. One item is not going to make a difference unless its like the only likeable item that is available from the pack.