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Mhm make sure you glance a good tanking guide before you reach high level content.
Some key points to remember:
1. It's best to familiarize yourself with every FP you plan on tanking. Google it if you have to. Since you will lead and pull You are expected to know the fights.
2. Keep your pacing in sync. If your group is kinda slow taking out mobs and healing up after fights, take your time. If the group seems like they are rushing, try to match. Ultimately they need to be going whatever pace you are but we wanna keep everyone happy.
3. Make sure the healer isn't getting hit. U should be the only one getting hit if done properly, but holding aggro can be tough at time so in the very least make sure you don't have pressure on the healer.
4. Stay current on gear. this is probably most important for you than anyone else because if you die there a pretty good chance the rest of the team is going down.

The rest i'm sure you can figure out. As long as you enjoy doing it keep it up. We can never have enough heals and tanks. You're important and appreciated (even when it seems like you aren't lol)
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