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Elysium, well known for our + 10 Datacron runs on the Republic side is proud to announce that we will be continuing the tradition on the Empire side with our sister guild "Elysium Empire". The fun starts on Sunday, March 16th at 6pm PDT and continues until 8pm PDT. This event is a completely FREE event and we respectfully request no tips or donations.

H. A. T. Z. L. (Hopefully Accurate Time Zones List)
PDT Sunday, March 16 6pm-8pm
MDT Sunday, March 16 7pm-9pm
CDT Sunday, March 16 8pm-10pm
EDT Sunday, March 16 9pm-11pm
GMT/UTC Monday, March 17 1am-3am
CET Monday, March 17 2am-5am
AEDT Monday, March 17 12pm-2pm
NZDT Monday, March 17 2pm - 4pm

Anyone level 45+ (game rules, not ours) is welcome and no MGGS gun or red Corellia crystal is necessary. Please get yourself to the Ziost Shadow museum on the fleet (Ziost Shadow>Elevator>Bridge Deck>Elevator>Museum) and we will help you get your blue crystal and walk you through the process. Please bring the ability to read and follow instructions, as well as your patience, as we help as many players as we can.

If the instance we are in is full, please go to the museum in your instance for quick transfer as spaces open up. Since space in the ops group is severely limited, we usually cannot invite you to the group until you are in the Museum in our instance. If we've already helped you get the datacron for your main character, please feel free to bring alts. The more the merrier!

Hope to see lots of you there!