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TIP: Having only read your comment on page 1 ill admit.

Use youtube, usually got a dulfy guide on there for each flashpoint, and see the mechanics for the boss fights. it gives you some kind of idea of what you're aiming to do and how to go about it. They often have a mechanic thatll make it much smoother if you have some kind of idea in advance, after try one you'd be fine anyway eh?

As the tank you are the leader and some quick 5 or 6 minute video will show you what you should all be doing so youre all going for the healer first then the dps for the tank boss that doesn't do any damage at all, rather than tanking the non dpsing tank and all taking a pasting from the dps whose being healed constantly by the medic....see what i mean?

Most players are fun to be with just don't do enough talking in fp's is about all i can say i have 9 toons and 6 are level 55 and well geared and overall and by far just like life its only the minority that are a problem so stick them on your ignore list. As a tank you'll get pops for fps every few seconds so stick with and have fun, im sure you'll enjoy it.......ALSO......its your job to keep the elites busy while the dps deal with the surrounding trash you don't have to keep every single npc under control but you do need to keep an eye to ensure npcs interested in the healer become more interested in you. If the dps pulls wrong target or don't let you build enough aggro to start with or even start the fight its their mistake and you don't have to make up for their inadequacies.

Good Luck
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