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Hey now.
This might be a PvE server but I'm pretty sure there are some pretty good players here.

-They transferred back from PoT5/Bastion after 8v8 ranked ended
-They just play here occasionally while they have their mains in PoT5/Bastion
-They don't care about this game anymore and they just want to play with friends who are on this server
-They transferred back just to do PvE with their friends/Guild.
-They never bothered to transfer off this server for whatever reason they had.

And the list goes on .... >.<
I can understand if people play here for buddies and all. But....I just joked because of the difference of definition when it comes to the word "good".
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Yeah nevermind the fact mud/jake/arya had the highest NA rating and I was the highest merc for well over a month when arena first came out. Stupid facts.
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So I heard you were c team at best in dp. Congrats lol.
Next batter please