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So i just came back after a year or so, and decided to start fresh. I made a jedi shadow and my focus is likely to be pvp, warzones and the like, at end game.

When i first played, it was all about biochem. Reusable stims and med packs were considered the best way to go for any pvper, but after a small amount of asking around in game, and research online, apparently the best med packs you can make with biochem fall way short of the pvp med packs you can get.

So is it true that biochem isn't the crew skill to go aany more? If not, what's the better crew skills for a shadow looking to pvp?
I have been considering artifice, but it's not for any stat benefits. More to just fit in with a jedi story wise, and make my own crystals. Is artifice any good?

Edit: one thing I should add is i am interested in making a few toons and having them all sync together crew skill wise...
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I appreciate the reply. I've considered cybertech already and have decided i would do that on a smuggler that I've made. I'm more interested in opinions of biochem, artifice and i suppose synthweavings usefulness overall and for pvp. Though the 3 gathering skills does sound appealing.
You wanted to know the best PvP crafting crew skill. At the moment that is cybertech because of reusable grenades.

So now you've decided that cybertech for your shadow is out. No problem.

The lowdown on biochem is that reusable stims save you credits in the long term, but the consumed prototype stims have slightly better stats; for the OCD min/max player the consumed stims are better, for everyone else the reusable is fine. That being said, being able to make your own consumable stims (even for that slight boost in stats) is cheaper than buying from someone else. On medpacs the reusables are not even close to the PvP medpacs, but if you run out of PvP medpacs something is better than nothing.

Artifice has zero PvP value, but as you said it fits into the jedi story (making sabers, crystals, hilts, etc).

From an optimized crew skill perspective, the jedi consular class sucks. The only crafting skill with a +crit is armstech, which helps your companions but not you. The next best is cybertech with +10 efficiency but +1 crit to UT and +2 crit to scav to feed it. For artifice, JCs get no bonus but +15 efficiency to both arch and TH to feed it (FYI: no class has a story companion with +crit to artifice).

From a GTN perspective:
  • Cybertech is by far the most diverse and has more desired items to sell.
  • Biochem stims sell well (warning: I have found without two bioanalysis characters it is hard to keep up with materials demand) especially on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights (raid times).
  • Artifice is a little touchy. Some dye modules sell well, enhancements are bursty (sell a bunch in one day and then all but nothing for a week), hilts are consistent but slow (because three of the four ACs only need one at a time; only sent/mara use two). I cannot comment on crystals as my artifice does not have any good colors I can readily sell (I have a couple of the magenta crystal schematics but there is a material I cannot get - character only level 35 - and is obscenely expensive on the GTN).
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