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Picked a smuggler class. Opted for the scoundral AC. Going stealth and using a blaster + scattergun is a LOT of fun, epsecially since stealth has a really good CD rate.

Anyways, I picked Armstech/Salvage/Underworld as my skills. I know I don't have to worry about UT too much, I'm only Lv. 11, but is it alright for a crew skill to outweight the others?

Ok example, taking this skills + having Corso with me is skyrocketing my Salvage skill waaaay high. With finding salvage piles + his 5 bonus in salvage, and being able to salvage from dead droids, my skills are as follows

Salvage 30+
Armstech around 19+
UT basically at 1

Is that alright or do all skills need to be...balanced?

I find a salvage pile or scan a droid, make a blaster or a sniper, RE it, and craft that all over again

Or am I doing something wrong?
First off Armstech does not use UT materials. If you want to feed armstech swap UT for Investigation. When you RE something, have you gotten a new schematic? that is what investigation is for. Investigation, "research compounds" are used to create better armstech items.

Second, it is perfectly acceptable that skills are not balanced. That being said, having the gathering and mission skill slightly above the crafting skill insures that you will have materials for crafting.