Thread: [Armstech] Smuggler Crafting
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03.02.2014 , 10:33 PM | #1
Picked a smuggler class. Opted for the scoundral AC. Going stealth and using a blaster + scattergun is a LOT of fun, epsecially since stealth has a really good CD rate.

Anyways, I picked Armstech/Salvage/Underworld as my skills. I know I don't have to worry about UT too much, I'm only Lv. 11, but is it alright for a crew skill to outweight the others?

Ok example, taking this skills + having Corso with me is skyrocketing my Salvage skill waaaay high. With finding salvage piles + his 5 bonus in salvage, and being able to salvage from dead droids, my skills are as follows

Salvage 30+
Armstech around 19+
UT basically at 1

Is that alright or do all skills need to be...balanced?

I find a salvage pile or scan a droid, make a blaster or a sniper, RE it, and craft that all over again

Or am I doing something wrong?