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Many thanks for taking over the whole thread index as well as the short fic index.

I saw you got all three of my threads in the Index by Author section. Failure is Always an Option ought to be in the ensemble section in the index by class. I didn't see it there. No worries. I'm reproducing the original post I made in Bright's thread so you don't have to go searching for the link.

Thanks again.

Title: Failure is Always an Option
Author: Striges
Classes: All, both sides.
Spoilers: None anticipated

Premise: Companions follow directives and do their best to complete the jobs our characters give them, even when they aren’t best at the task. When things don’t go so well they’re upfront and honest about it. Or are they? Inspired by the Short Fiction Challenge Thread prompt “Confessions,” this thread explores what companions really do with those mission credits. Because, as an excuse, “Failure” is always an option.

Featuring the characters of Striges!verse in silly, not-quite-canon standalone episodes.