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03.02.2014 , 04:56 PM | #1
So i just came back after a year or so, and decided to start fresh. I made a jedi shadow and my focus is likely to be pvp, warzones and the like, at end game.

When i first played, it was all about biochem. Reusable stims and med packs were considered the best way to go for any pvper, but after a small amount of asking around in game, and research online, apparently the best med packs you can make with biochem fall way short of the pvp med packs you can get.

So is it true that biochem isn't the crew skill to go aany more? If not, what's the better crew skills for a shadow looking to pvp?
I have been considering artifice, but it's not for any stat benefits. More to just fit in with a jedi story wise, and make my own crystals. Is artifice any good?

Edit: one thing I should add is i am interested in making a few toons and having them all sync together crew skill wise...