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A brand new character would need to get to ~level 10 to pick up the skills from the fleet, and then use the mats from your 55 to train in a crafting skill. - with 2/3 logins per day, it won't take too long. Quicker if you get to the part of your class mission where you get a ship and a droid. Take the legacy of crafting unlock, and buy gifts for your companions too to add crit chance. I also took the 'wrong' skills on my first few characters - but once you max all the crew-skills, (Mastercrafter) , it isn't much of a chore shifting mats around your legacy.

If that seems too much, buy the augment kits from the GTN. - a Mk-4 for instance goes for about 8K on my server and is good until level 40. / a mk-6 is about 30K and good until level 50 / A Mk-9 goes for about 75-85K which is only an hour or so's money doing dailies. (+36K to install IIRC) If you can craft gear and reverse- engineer it for the components, the kits are virtually free!
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