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Horrible sense of deja vu here.
Virtually identical things were said of The Clone Wars, including people saying the the animation from the earlier Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon shorts were better than The Clone Wars.
I love knee-jerk reactionary opinions.
Im sorta looking forward to it actually...most the vids I've seen so far are very early crude mockups from what I can tell (no facial expressions, gross unrefined movement). But they got a ton of people from the original Clone wars CGi series, so I agree with you. I was skeptic of the CW series initially...actually didn't watch it until recently on Amazon. I thought it would be your typical movie spin-off series (let's see if we can make more money off of the same movie kinda deal). But after watching even just the first 2 seasons, I feel that the CW CGi series was a real SW product..far more then the last 3 movies were.

I hope the new series continues that trend. It may not be "better" from a CGI perspective, but then again I'm not a person who believes something is trash just because it isn't better graphics. as an example, I love the cartoony style of the new wildstar game coming out, and I preferred the partial cartoon approach to SWtOR over a more realistic look. Stylized design IMO can be just as good, if not better at times, then trying to get something "realistic". so if they do good at that approach with SWR, then im game for watching them.
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