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03.01.2014 , 11:23 AM | #22
to OP. don't know. don't care.


becasue when I run around various zones I run into people all the time - my own faction AND enemy (on planets that have both factions playing in the same zones) I still meet people in flashpoint pugs that I don't recognize right along people that I do. less so on pvp, but server only pvp has always been like that in my experience not just in SWTOR - few people and guilds you remember and recognize on sight.

so no, exact number doesn't matter to me at all.

not getting into GW2 vs TOR debate as to each their own. all I know is I got bored of GW2 before my main character could even reach lvl 20. I just created yet another new alt in SWTOR. I will admit that my guild is a major reason I'm as active as I am... on my max level characters. hanging out with them is too much fun. but even without them I'd be playing just more focused on alts, than max levels.