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I am in fact in the exact same boat: my 55 smuggler is armormech and my 55 trooper is armstech. The one bit of good news for me is that both my smuggler and trooper do not have many desirable and rare schematics to worry about.

I am doing what AlrikFassbauer suggests:
  • I am currently leveling a new smuggler (first was scoundrel new one is gunslinger).
  • My slinger currently has no crafting skill (BA, Scav, & Slicing), but once she hits 50+ I will be swapping one of the the gathering skills (most likely BA) to armstech.
  • Once my slinger is 450 in armstech and has the grade 28 purple schematics, I will swap my trooper to armormech.
  • Lastly I will drop armormech on my scoundrel, for what I'm not sure yet, but probably scavenging because I am finding myself buying too many materials or not crafting enough

In the interim: one of the ship droid sensor units has a +2 crit armstech/+10 efficiency investigation. I am using that on my trooper while I go through the process above.
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