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Got any bomber shots yet?
I do have a couple, but only of the Imp ones, I'm so disappointed by the Rep designs that I have chosen not to use them, though I did buy the Rep version of the CM bomber, it's kinda cool and mean looking

At this point I'm also extremely disappointing about the unwillingness of the SWTOR developer team to do their job and fix the many flaws in the mechanics of the GSF feature, every day we (the gamers) fight with a ton of these flaws, involving everything from de-buffs not being applied correctly to enemy ships, de-buffs on own ships being displayed as "buffs", people taking advantage of several exploits like for example the "lag-skip", loss of missile lock-on attempts even if the aim is within the bounds of the aim-arc of the weapon in question, the ability to make OP builds, and so on and so on, the list is getting longer each day it seems

The worst thing is that we now have to deal with ppl that are so incompetent that they resort to actual cheat hacks to be able to win

Okay that was a bit of a rant, but what I meant to say, yes I have a few shots of bombers and I'll try and get around to post some of them
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