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No I get it, but CM is not gaming content and least this game had direction now it's just going the milk2play route because that's the only way it can sustain itself which is really sad
let us review some of the gaming content that has come with and since cartel market came out: HK-51, Section X, Ancient Hypergates, The reputation system, Legacy achievements, an increased level cap, appearance designer, dye modules, collections, CZ-198, Oricon, Galactic Starfighter, as well as several different flashpoints in storymode hardmode and several new ops in story, hard, and even nightmare modes. Yeah, that is SO not gaming content, and even *worse* there is a new arc coming with 2.8 with an explosive blowout planned for the end of the year!

Stop acting like the CM blocks real content because it does not contrary to popular belief stuff is still coming in and 2.8 is set to give us our biggest content release ever. You say "milking" as if there is not new stuff coming in and as if the only thing getting updates is the cm, and that is not true. A: Separate teams as it is work on different content, cm releases come without inhibiting production of anything else and B: the reason there are a lot of cartel updates and are faster than regular content updates is because, for *some* reason, its a lot easier and faster to make a piece of armor than it is to design and program a fully functional flashpoint!
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