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Personally I believe the best Star Wars animation/Battle scenes was done by Genndy Tartakovsky in his perspective of the clone wars.

Not as visually striking as say the intro cinema of SWTOR, what it does have is often missed by the average viewer.
Timing and perspective.

In that animated series he took the time to pace out every scene into a comprehensive view of the current situation.
Take the scene of the troopers sending in a strike team to take out the droids massive artillery canon.
Every part was laid out in a way where the viewer could understand what every character was doing.
Timing in each scene so that no matter if it flashed to the troopers or the battle droids, it was a clear sense of perspective into each situation.

I knew what the troopers were doing, why the droids wanted to drop them. And felt there was a progression in the actual battle itself.
All this was done with literally NO talking involved.

To me that is a series worth watching more than any other based on the facts mentioned above.

*Looks up at the building. Pauses. Looks over at a similar building. Flashes a hand signal over to 3 troopers who instantly leave in the direction given by the hand signal. Pauses. The strike team moves. End scene*
Perfect, no words.

TAke this verse the beginning battle of Revenge of the Sith. We were thrown into a massive space battle involving several fleets in mid combat. As a view I know the perspective was set on the Obi Wan and Anakin but detailing how the surrounding battle was materializing was a key point in building up the remaining story.
Shame that someone didn't say to Lucas "Slow down, lets set up this battle and make the view actually understand and care about its outcome."
Would have taking so little and added so much to the background story.