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02.28.2014 , 02:49 PM | #1

Apparently, I made a few mistakes when I was choosing crew skills on my characters. At the time, I didn't think I would be crafting for critical items, but now that I am in eldergame on four of my characters, I would like to craft for augmentation slots. For example, my Smuggler has Armormech and my Trooper has Armstech. This is a problem because the companion on the Smuggler side has +5 crit Armstech and vice versa. Now that I want to craft for crits, I'm kind of stuck. All of my companions have maxed affection and all of my crew skills are at 450.

I'm thinking about deleting the incorrect crafting skills and starting them over. I just don't really want to lose all of the schematics I've collected. I have alts to feed them mats, so that wouldn't be too hard. My mission skills (and some gathering skills) would be opposite of conventional thinking.

My other option is to max out affection on both HK-51 and Treek, who are both +1 critical to all crafting. Would that be an effective solution at all?

I wish augmented armor was more readily available on the GTN, but there doesn't seem to be any out there.

Which of these solutions would work best? Are there any other solutions that I didn't think of? Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated!