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So i hit 24 on my powertech shield tech BH and i wanted to get some experience in tanking some so i qued up for a flashpoint

I am not really sure if I should continue down tanking path or not? Should I join a guild and only tank with guild mates and friends and not bother with random flash point tanking? Is it normal for the SWTOR community to act this way towards new players?

I really like playing defender roles in most games, the one who takes the hits but I am not really sure if SWTOR is the right community for me. I always thought low level like 24 is the point where you want to learn things about the role you want to do at endgame...or do i need to wait to max level to start tanking?
My main (Solstar) is a Tank & my 2nd (Sheetara) is a Healer. My advice to you is Don't Give Up. I learned tanking while leveling & it took awhile till I mastered everything, from being in the correct stance (in your case having the correct cell active), guarding (in your case Shielding) the Healer & efficiently using my single/group taunts. Starting early is VERY IMPORTANT take your lumps & refine your skills while you are a "lowbie" once you've gotten to lvl 50 & 55 you will be Elite.

What I find funny is when i am playing my Healer i feel I am paying for every epic fail i ever committed when I was learning how to Tank. The bad tanks don't 1) guard the healer even when asked to. 2) They think they are a DPS when they are not (in wrong stance/gear). 3) Never initiate combat to establish agro. 4) Don't taunt or Don't taunt effectively to keep agro. I bring these up for purposes of comparison. As long as you are not guilty of the 4 points listed above then you are not doing a bad job, don't let some whiner get you down.
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