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02.28.2014 , 08:56 AM | #8
Nope, all ignored trolls are as active as always. By now, 2/3 of all threads are not shown to me, because most of the regulars here proved to me that they are trolls. And I don't mean the ones who complain or try to trick.

I mean the ones who comment on every thread. The ones who immediately jump in if someone writes "we". You know, with replies like "Who is this 'we' I keep hearing about?" The ones who complain about complainers. Etc. pp.

The forum is not so active anymore, because these guys push all sane people away sooner or later.

Apart from the casuals, I think TUX and McGee are the only sane ones left here. I am not one of the sane. If I would, I wouldn't be here anymore. See, even my logic is faulty.