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02.28.2014 , 04:17 AM | #4
Don't count on it, I suppose new NiM gear will be on same place as 75s - pure token based.
This would mean no commendations tier changes, so no crafting tier changes too.

Otherwise they simply need to make all BM RE able, all BM/Arcanian - 55 starter gear with no OPs mats requirement (or mostly EEE as they drop in HM FPs too), all Verpine and UW RE able and costing 1 MMG + 4 EEE & all 78s RE able and cost 1 MMG + 5 Isotope 5 + 5 EEE + base mats.
Too much work just for 1 NiM tier that 95% of population would have not obtained till next level rise.
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