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02.27.2014 , 01:46 PM | #38
Bumping for relevance. On Reddit they have shown us a preview of a Swtor Model viewer.

What it is, is a seperate program that uses the SWTOR client files to preview Player Avatars and dress them up like dolls with any gear variants. Its still early in developing status. as of right now you can only view one item piece at a time, as shown as an example. the Consular Battlemaster chestpiece.

They said over time they hope they can mix and match attachments. as one of the comments said. "Put a jetpack on jedi robes" So with that alone when its released to the public bug free. we could make our own outfits retro fitted with existing armor parts and skins and we could then have a method of a possibility at a design contest.

And before you ask, I can't link the source as it leads to yet to be announced 2.7 spoilers.