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For those of us who did not join at launch, you may not have gotten your toons to lvl 50 before patch 2.0 which removed the tionese/columi/rakata gear sets from the game. While some of the new armor looks good, I though the old tier gear's appearance was much better. That gear looked much more like what our toons would actually wear around the galaxy. The weaponsmaster gear is possibly the only gear set in the game that would look good on my mara. Unfortunately these gear sets have been removed. My solution is that Bioware should insert a new vendor into the game that sells the schematics for that old gear for basic or maybe elite comms. Or classic comms since it is classic gear. DON'T put in the CM and force us to pay for gear that we already though would be in from the progression trailers. We already give you money every month, we should at least get the gear that lured some of us in in the first place.
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