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Right, he didn't say he'd be forced to buy the packs did he?

I believe his point is more like, when was the last time they updated anything like the PvP vendor items? Lightside Vendors items? Operation loot drops? FP loot drops?

They have all this amazing stuff they can pump out every few weeks, yet they can't add any of it to the GAME itself as incentive for actually PLAYING the game? THAT is what sucks so much about the CM imo...those items should eventually make their way in-game imo.
I agree with you, TUXs. Bad enough the CM exists imo, but the fact that playing the game doesn't get you anything different from the CM. Reskins? Who cares. I'd rather see incentivized play from rewards in order to reduce queue times. Doubt it will ever happen since the CM is a cash grab, but it really destroys the integrity of the game itself.
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