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Statement: I saw that they were supposed to have made it so that you could break the missile drone lock-on. I can confirm it doesn't.

Addendum: Another thing that would go a long way, is make it so that bombers can't turn the satellites into an impenetrable fortress by limiting how many of each drone type can be around each satellite.

Indisputable Statement: Notice that I did not say to limit mines. Only drones.

Contemplative: Maybe I'm wrong and I've just been unfortunate and been queued with meatbags who are uncoordinated and don't know how to deal with that kind of thing.

Statement: But I do say there needs to be a limit from both perspectives. It's no fun trying to break a satellite that's been turned into a fortress. But at the same time, it's no fun defending those satellites because it's an easy victory. And that's no fun.
If a satellite has THAT many mines/drones around it, use a:
1. Type 1 Gunship with tier 4 ion cannon, you're also almost guaranteed damage MVP.
2. EMP Missiles from a type 2 strike fighter. They are actually quite effective vs stationary targets due to their AOE. Target something that cannot break the lock (mine/drone/turret) and use cover to fire at the target if available (asteroid/mining platform/etc).
3. EMP Pulse from a type 1 scout. This requires a little more finesse to use as you are in a very vulnerable position when flying in. Pop distortion field if you have it!
4. Group of 2-4 people to attack. Do NOT attack alone unless you are the diversion...

You should have one of these ships available to you at all times (one of the five that you take into battle). Also note that these are 3 different ship types (a gunship, strike and a scout).

Remember that AOE beats tightly clumped defenses...
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