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02.25.2014 , 12:17 PM | #109
Bombers are very easy to take out, they are weak without the Drones , mines. Take out the drones and mines 1st and they are very easy after that. Bombers are a support / tank class in a way, if you want to survive as a bomber you need shields on full strength, so that caps the damage the bomber / player can do them self when firing you main gun.

People are silly as well, never stay to close to a bomber while chasing them, you know how many times i put mines in peoples faces because they like to follow me right up my behind. Also you can see mines and drones from miles away, make a b-line for them and fast, drones / mines only take a few hits. Gunships are very annoying against a bomber due to the fact they can sit far away and take out the mines and drones then start to give the bomber it self a beating.