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Thanks for raising this post from the dead... the troll who started it is probably very happy.
I'm far from being a troll.

Well I've played over 150games now on various different ships, I've gotten very use to the controls and normaly do very well in 90% of the games i play. I average over 50k damage per battle a bit less if I'm playing a scout.

I still believe that the CM ships have an advantage over normal ships due to the fact that you gain more Ship / fleet rep per battle than normal. You're unlocking that ships components 10% faster in a way.

I still feel like the older space combat games handle a lot better tho. But than again I'm sitting on 180ms ping and i don't know when I'm missing / evasion or it's due to ping. Bioware needs to put in the scrolling combat text for when your shots are evaded, it would help a lot in determining if it's me or the servers lagging or my ping. ( i can play WoW and other MMOs without my ping jumping around like a child on a trampoline, which leads me to believe that it's the ToR servers and the Wood PCs they are running on. )