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Thanks for the comments. When it comes to Blade Turning, I can't be completely sure that it works again, but I have yet to see an instance of myself taking a M/R attack during it since they said they fixed it. The only way I can think of to prove it still doesn't work is have a log showing a player taking a M/R attack during the 3 second uptime. Saber Ward is indeed a very odd case of a defensive cooldown as I can't think of any other one like it. I assume this is done because it has the two components where one increases defense chance and the other reduces F/T attack damage taken.
I did a bit of testing myself last night, and I can confirm that (at least without the set bonus), it does appear to be correctly modifying player stats. That, paired with the evidence from Rydarus, makes me suspect that we should consider Blade Turning as functional now. Unless we can find a log of a regular-accuracy attack making it through Blade Turning, I would assume that it is working just fine.

Note on Saber Ward: if you test it out, it isn't reducing Force/Tech damage, it is reducing all damage in addition to the defense component. It appears to be an entirely unique mechanic which piggy-backs off of the absorb "heal" (the sorc bubble mechanic), generating an absorb shield per attack which shields exactly 25% of the post-mitigation damage. This absorb works on all attacks, both melee/range and force/tech. In other words, Saber Ward is a fair bit more valuable than the tooltip implies, it just doesn't appear to be that valuable because most log analysis tools will still show the damage as taken (since absorb is usually a heal, not mitigation).
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