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The Type 1 is the first available and cheaper option- it is either free or 2500 fleet req. The Type 2 is the second available option that costs 5000 to unlock. The Type 1 scout is the Novadive or Blackbolt. The Type 2 scout is the Sting/Flashfire/Ocula/Skybolt. The Type 1 strike fighter is the Starguard/Rycer/Gladiator/Enforcer. The Type 2 strike fighter is the Quell/Pike. The Type 1 Gunship is the Quarral/Mangler/Mailoc/Redeemer. The Type 2 Gunship is the Comet Breaker/Dustmaker/Strongarm/Demolisher.

You can see why we abbreviate!

The other naming terminology comes from the internal files or the distinguishing features, and the devs refer to them as such sometimes. In this terminology:

Type 1 Scout = "Speed / Sensors Scout"
Type 2 Scout = "Battle Scout"
Type 1 Strike = "Fighter type strike fighter" or "Double gun strike"
Type 2 Strike = "Attack type strike fighter" or "Double missile strike"
Type 1 Gunship = "Rail Sniper" or "Ion Gunship"
Type 2 Gunship = "Missile Skiff" or "Missile Gunship"

Meanwhile, the bombers are almost always called "Minelayer" and "Dronecarrier", class names that totally stick.