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Very mature response starting personal attacks to people who raise a issue with a not well thought out change that will be gamebreacking.
Seeing that ik mostly in the top three of every match that i play no matter what ship i fly think i know what i am talking about.
With the minelayer i can drop a hyperspace beacon behind the enemy capital ship let a dronecarrier and a gunship spawn you be able to spawncamp a match and win without reality no piloting skills needed. This is already possible without the change. Because only the front turrets work on the republic capital ships work and you can behind the. Ships where the front turrets cant shoot at you.

Please i would like you to discuss this subject with facts and not personal attacks like so many of the forumtrolls.
I am wondering if you know that you can click the yellow diamonds on the map before you spawn so you can CHANGE your spawn location. Now there are 3 different locations to chose from. You will NEVER be spawn camped again my friend!
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