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02.25.2014 , 08:20 AM | #24
I preface my comments with the statement that I am, in fact, the Galaxy's Worst Gunship Pilot(tm) and therefore never even fly the damned things - let alone know how to use terrain to my advantage like the better ones do.

First and foremost, terrain modifiers have been used in the art of war since the first tribal leader figured out sneak attacks were a lot better against well-entrenched foes than charging at 'em in broad daylight across an open plain. The gunship pilots in question were doing nothing wrong. Matter of fact, the ones that were actually getting bonafide kills were doing something I consider to be more difficult than standard TDM. (It takes skill, patience and battlefield awareness to get kills if all you're doing is running like a blasted chicken, but damned if Rainous doesn't manage!)

Secondly, the concept's ludicrous on its face. Capital ship turret operators... on STRIKE?! You can't STRIKE in the f*&^ing military! Are they Pandaren too? I mean, if we're gonna get THIS silly, let's go all-out.

Finally, spawn-camping. It's gonna happen and it's gonna be bad if proper measures haven't been preemptively taken. I imagine that's why BioWare had the turrets in the first place - because, at some point, they had an issue with PvP spawn camping.

Bottom line? I don't think it's a change that ultimately benefits the playmode. Good squads had little difficulty beating victory campers - matter of fact, I flew with a random pick-up Imperial squad on Ebon Hawk just yesterday that utterly ANNIHILATED a group of victory-camping voice-enabled Pubs. That victory felt especially good - but now the challenge is gone.

Don't dumb down GSF for the sake of a few whiny, non-talented pilots who don't understand how to rise to a challenge. (And don't bother flaming me for the opinion, pilots - I'm married and used to far, far worse.)