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Type 1 Strikes: Check your buttons below. Your primary weapon icon will change when you swap weapons. ALSO your targeting circle will change- no two of these weapons have the same firing arc, so you should be ok with that.

Type 2 Stirkes: Check your buttons below. Your secondary weapon icon will change when you swap weapons. ALSO your missile lock circle will change, but some missiles have identical arcs.

Type 1 Gunships: Check your buttons below. Your secondary weapon icon will change when you swap weapons.

Type 2 Gunships: Check the ammo marker below your railgun. The icon is bugged and will never change. If the ammo shows, you have protorps selected. If it reads infinite, your railgun is active.

Note that the icons can vary a bit from ship to ship, but are constant within a ship. I find the varying to be ludicrously frustrating, and I really wish the backgrounds would change- ex, if every gunship had a blue background for ion railgun and a yellow for slug and red for plasma, and if the Quell's Emp and Concussion didn't look so stunningly similar, or the Pike's cluster and proton, that would all be great. The icons in this game are trashcan everywhere though, so it isn't really a surprise that they would totally ignore the icons being meaningful, useful, recognizable, helpful, unique, representative, or even consistent.

Meaningful icons would have some relation to the function of the weapon- a big blaster could be bigger.
Useful icons would be visually distinct from each other- you should never look at the two small boxes for clusters and protons and try to remember which one is more trapazoidy and which one is smoother.
Recognizable icons would vary more than a tiny white drawing on a uniform background.
Helpful icons would be trivial to see even out of the corner of your eye, and could maybe even update with actions.
Unique icons would remove the barrier where many of the icons look identical to the things left and right of them, but also to the ones they can trade out with.
Representative icons would actually represent something that you might see in game, such as having a blue background for ion instead of the color scheme being constant per ship. A constant color scheme is worthless and represents nothing, an icon that matches the color YOU PICKED FOR YOUR GUN would be pretty aces, right?
Consistent icons would be the same across ships.

I can't really rant about the icons enough. It's a minor part of the game, but goodness they clearly have no idea. It's just so classless.