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02.25.2014 , 02:26 AM | #280
Quote: Originally Posted by Pucmara View Post
And you are?
Do I sometimes head to cap ships, yes, if I'm facing a 1:1 in gunship I'm 100% sure I can't win.
So guilty on that charge.
But then again I usually run all over the map when that happens, so definately not always to the cap ship.
I never do this in my scouts/bomber/strikes, which I play more then my gunship anyway.

Pre-mades, well, to be honest 80% of my time I solo queue.
But whatever.
Mediocre? Probably, just like to play a lot and have fun, so I guess that's why a lot of people know me.

Cya in space!

Puc (Red Eclipse)
I'm just a random nobody who's flown against you enough to know that, while you aren't a terrible pilot, you certainly aren't among the best of Red Eclipse, which I thought was the idea of this particular thread. I most definitely am not either, by the way.

I must have only seen you 20% of the time then, cause I only ever see you in your premade group with you in a gs, 2 scouts and a bomber.